Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have two very different children. T, 15, is always asking for things. "Can I get myself some juice? Can I take a shower? Can I have a snack? What can I have for lunch?" Now it drives me CRAZY. At 15, I expect that she shouldn't have to ask and just use common sense. Well, Simeon is the total opposite. I walk into the living room, and he has a whole bag of celery, and he's munching away on it one rib at a time. He wants to do everything for himself, for the most part. Well, this morning, he asked for some yogourt, and I let him get it. When he realized that there was none, he decided he wanted some of my homemade bread. I came upstairs after hearing some crashing to find my cooling racks on the floor, and a big hunk of bread torn out of the middle of the loaf. I don't know which makes me crazier, but I love to see how different two kids raised in the same household can be! Personality has just as much to do with their view of things as environment!

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Kelly said...

Allie and Simeon should never be at the same salad bar together. Celery - how awesome. At least he's picking healthy snacks for himself.