Sunday, April 18, 2010

Canine Addition

Well, after talking about getting a dog for a few years, and talking ourselves out of it, we adopted Sealy yesterday. She is a sweet and sensitve dog, who loves to play, is great with kids. She's part hound, and walking her is somewhat of a challenge. She's already getting better, but when she gets a whiff of something, she's off and trying to run. A little over 24 hours since she came home, and I'd say we're smitten.

Naomi loves her from afar for the most part, but we have found her using sealy as a pillow and trying to kiss her gently. She greeted her from her nap wiht a wave and a, " Hi, doggie."

Simeon is in doggie heaven. He has so wanted a dog for so long. Poor dog is going to die of being overly loved, pet and brushed. He keeps wanting to teach her tricks. I keep telling him that he needs to wait until she sits, lays down and comes consistently. I wouldn't change their dynamic for the world though. He was hurrying us home from church because he wanted to see his dog, he missed her.

Easter Pics!