Friday, August 19, 2011

What we've been up to.

It has been crazy around here. Naomi has hit the terrible 3's, and has kept me on my toes. We have had water poured on the laptop, i-pod flushed down the toilet and the cordless phone throne into the pool, as well as deliberately pulling down her pants and peeing on her bed. I don't know what has gotten into her, other than finally processing and maybe voicing some displeasure at our recent move, coupled with some developmental changes and a new sense of independence and individuality. Whatever it is, we are hoping that this phase is a short one, and we can get back to enjoying our spunky little princess without the fear of destruction and extra laundry. On the flip side, Naomi has me laughing with some of her expressions. Pretty please with a cherry on top being one of them, but my favorite is her cupping my face in her hands and telling me that I am the best mom in the whole wide world. Melt my heart! I'm also enjoying her participation in school. While I haven't received her curriculum, I've improvised, and she is enjoying her A is for apple week, as well as practising her French.

Simeon started school earlier this week. I finally received all of his curriculum and he begged to start the next day. What a nice change from the complaining and begging at times to go to public school. Our first few days have been nice, intensive,but enjoyable. I am still "learning" the curriculum I've chosen, but am happy with the flow, content and skills being taught. Simeon has been so thoughtful lately, it has really made being around him an extra pleasure. I'm so thankful for these glimpses of what a kind, generous and helpful man he is becoming. How can I not melt when receiving a picture that states his love for me?

Trisha has been busy with work and being an extra in a movie. She seems to be enjoying it. Wednesday is the day she is moving into her dorm on campus. She is really looking forward to that. Tomorrow, we are having a last hurrah party for her and her friends. Speaking of which, I need to get baking!

Finally, Rich and I have been busy around the house. Last weekend, my mil took the kids overnight, and it was nice to spend some quality time together. We watched a movie on Saturday night (My Date With Drew- an off beat documentary about a guy who gave himself 30 days and a small budget to get a date with Drew Barrymore), had a nice breakfast on Saturday morning, followed by a very productive blueberry picking session. 13 cups in an hour. I just love the wild blueberries. It was nice to then run some errands without worrying about a child not wanting to follow, nor having to buckle and unbuckle out of car seats. We were very glad to see them afterwards though. It was a little weird to not have either of the little ones with us.

As for me, well, home school is something I am passionate about, but the first few weeks always drain me, as I look to find balance and some kind of routine that works for all of us.

God has been speaking to me frequently, in the small ordinary moments, which just makes him feel that much closer and involved in my life. This morning, I was asking God about some things I've been thinking about. Some things I've been reevaluating and questioning, wondering if I was following His will for my life or not. I just was so thankful for his answers. I love when I ask God a question, and then, whether it be in the bible or in a devotional he answers. In this case, the answer came as a confirmation from Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest the date being Aug. 19th. It was nice to read that introspection and self consciousness is not a sin, but rather a tool that can lead us closer to Jesus as we turn to Him, for His wisdom and discernment. I am so thankful for a God who wants to be involved in the intimate details and situations in my life!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm learning...

It's funny, how God has been teaching me through the land. I have been researching how to prune and take care of the blackberry bushes and apple tree we have on our land. Here are some of my thoughts.

Pruning helps to cause a tree or bush to be more fruitful, more effective at what it does. When pruning, we take away branches or canes that suck life out of the plant,and cause it to bear little or mediocre fruit. Pruning causes the plant to channel its energy more effectively into the parts that will bear fruit. God does the same thing. He may remove things in our lives,things that are in and of themselves not bad, but that may hinder our ability to bear fruit for the kingdom. Things that left untouched, may cause disease or attract pestilence. Pruning in our lives is always for our own good.

As I was in the process of cleaning out/pruning our blackberry patch yesterday, I was attacked by the thorns on the bush. Blackberries are VICIOUS! I was wondering if I could make a parallel between the brutality of the blackberry bushes and my spiritual life, and it wasn't long before it came to me. So many times, I lash back at God as He prunes. He's simply trying to make me better, but I get all angry and bristly with Him. It's like the blackberry bushes. As I pull on the dead canes, to make room for the new ones, as I attempt to trim and make them more productive, they scratch and tear and prick. It doesn't stop me from my task, but doesn't make it pleasant. I wonder if God ever wishes we would simply let him prune without lashing out in frustration or sadness? It certainly would make it more pleasant for Him and for us, if we let Him work without getting all bristly and thorny.

Finally, as I was sitting, attempting to do my devotions this morning, I listened to Naomi, almost three yelling at Simeon, " Me do, I do it, I can do it!" I was reminded off how often, when God is trying to teach me something I have that same toddler attitude. I want to do it by myself. I don't think I need anyone else's help, direction or guidance. I was once again challenged, to watch my attitude when someone approaches me, trying to teach me something.

I am just so thankful for a God who cares about me, and will meet me in the mundane everyday tasks, to teach me about Him and about myself!