Monday, October 27, 2008

Pics of my blessings!

Naomi has been holding her head up more and more, so I decided to try her in the bumbo, doesn't she look ADORABLE? I know she looks so tiny to so many of you, and I realize she really is small for a 7 week old, but she seems HUGE to me. It doesn't seem possible that she will be two months old on Friday!

We really enjoy bath time. At first we used a hammock in the bath, and she would fuss and fuss. Now that we put her directly into the bath, she loves it. I was a little disappointed that I didn't capture the HUGE smiles she was giving Rich during this bath time. I grabbed the camera too late.

Simeon is a great big brother. He loves to hold Naomi, even when she is fussing. It's so funny, if she's crying and he's holding her, he starts to sing, and sure enough, she settles down. This is a picture of simeon singing to her. I love how she's looking right at him. This is typical of these two. They love each other SOOO much! I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still Alive!

I'm still here. I've been wanting to blog for a few days, but just haven't been able to find a down moment to do the typing and put my thoughts down.

The other night as I was up again with Naomi, I was thanking God for so many things. Here are a few of them:

A husband who is willing to go without sleep so I can get a few extra hours and feel human.
A husband who goes to work to provide for me and the kids.
Simeon and his sense of humour.
Simeon's silliness which defuses tense situations.
Simeon's desire to learn and gain knowledge.
Naomi and her sweet little smile.
How Naomi moves her little feet as she drinks her bottle.
The intensity with which Naomi looks into my eyes when we are alone in the middle of the night.
Trisha and how she's open with us.
How easy it is to tease Trisha and end up laughing with her.
Trisha's helfulness.

I am such a blessed woman!

So, what have I been up to?

1.Taking care of Naomi for one. She is sleeping more than she was. She has a somewhat firm routine, and it makes caring for her easier. She still has issues with gas, but that is slowly getting better. She is wearing newborn clothing and is just a sweet little princess. We are blessed in taking an infant massage class together. She seems to like it, as do I. It's a nice time for the two of us to connect.

2. I am homeschooling Simeon and having a blast. It is so exciting to see him understand and apply knowledge. My favorite moment was last week when I was up before 6. He was standing by Naomi, telling her the characteristics of a mammal. ( what we've been learning in science) You have to appreciate his interest at 6 am! Simeon is also taking gymnastics lessons at our rec. center and enjoying that!
Trisha is doing well in school and is involved with the drama club. They have a few activities going on in the next couple of weeks. She just got back from a youth retreat that she enjoyed. She took some wonderful pictures, and I'm thinking she has a knack at photography! She is no longer working, and doesn't seem to mind that. Overall she is just altogether GOOD!
Okay, now that the pics are up, time to go and get some supper going!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mommy Days: Eau de Puke

Warning: Content may upset stomachs and cause a mad rush to the facilities!

So when did you know you were a Mom, I mean, really, a MOM? I remember a friend telling me that the first time she caught her baby's puke in her hands, she felt like a mom. Okay, gross, and yes, been there and done that. I remember when it happened thinking,I must really be a Mom now.
Another Mom moment was when I changed MY child's diaper and did not gag, though changing any other diaper in the world is grossness itself. but NOTHING compares to my experience last night!

Simeon had a VERY long day. He was up before 5 and we had our Mom's group in the morning, did school in the afternoon, and then had his gymnastics or JUNEastics lessons. When we got home, he made cookies with Rich, had supper and it was time for bed. Poor little guy was really distraught. He got really upset that he couldn't play with Trisha. (In all fairness she was away at a youth retreat and then her Mom's since last week, so he really missed her.) As he lay down for bed he just started to wail. I finished what I was doing and went in. I sat on the floor and called him to me. He came and we start cuddling. I start talking about all the time he would get to spend with Trisha tomorrow, and poor little guy, (with nothing left in the department of self control after such a busy day with no nap)started to WAIL! Iwas holding him realyl close and the next thing I knew, he's PUKED all over me. Now baby spit up is one thing, but 51/2 year old puke is another. OH MY WORD! I started to laugh and wail myself. Rich came in asking what was wrong and all I could do was say, " Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhh!" Simeon at this point was giggling, somewhat better than the wailing in my opinion, and Trisha popped her head in and said, " Gross" while trying to hold back laughter. Needless to say, Rich finished putting Sim to bed, while I proceeded to a shower. Can I just say that I wasn't able to keep from gagging?
I did go put Simeon to bed after I smelled better. Poor little boy. He did fall asleep in a better mood... Being able to laugh about being puked on...another sign of mommyhood!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tales of a Sleepless Woman...

My wonderful husband let me sleep last night and took the night waking at 1 am and this morning I feel like a new woman! I LOVE MY LIFE, sleeplessness and all. I can totally smile at my day yesterday. I know that this too shall pass, and one day, I will look fondly at these moments, Heck, I already do look fondly at them, though it does paint me as one unstable Mommy!

So I love my baby girl. I love the newborn stage, all except for the sleepless nights. I have always been one to need sleep and lots of it. I was the kid who used to put herself to bed at family parties...I once fell asleep sitting up in a chair at a cousin's wedding ...I NEED SLEEP. So needless to say, the lack of continuous sleep has been wreaking havoc on my body.

Yesterday I had my first meltdown. I had gotten up a few times during the night trying to let Rich sleep. Simeon then woke up early and proceeded to check on me and baby every half hour, well more like 5 mintues. I then got up and could tell that the day was looking awfully bleak. I headed off to the neighbors, where my normally polite son decided he was not going to talk or answer questions, which raised my defenses...everyone is going to attribute his lack of "social skills" on homeschooling...Once back home, I proceeded to cook a gourmet meal, ummm throw together something for Rich and Sim, fed the baby and figured I'd take a nap after I had a nice nutritious meal...okay, more like tortilla chips, salsa and cheese melted in the microwave.

Our lunch goes well, Rich goes back to work and the baby is quiet, though awake. I manage to read a book to Simeon, and put him down for a nap. ( Yes, my 5.5 year old still takes naps, and for that I am VERY THANKFUL!) By the time I leave the room, the baby is asleep. YES! It looks like the planets have aligned for me to get a nap. I lay down on the couch with my favorite fleece blanket, close my eyes, take a deep breath....and Naomi proceeds to scream, and scream and scream some more. I pick her up, and cuddle with her on the couch, but am not comfy. I figure we'll both be comfier(is that even a word, and if it is, did I spell it right?), and so I head downstairs. Well, that was a BAD idea. My little princess decides to exercise her lungs as never before. Diaper is dry, she's been fed recently...I don't know what to do...I'm begging God to help me figure out how to make her stop. I decide to call Rich, and make him promise me that this will one day stop, that I am not going insane, and that she will grow up to speak rather than screech when something is bothering her. He promises all of the above and then proceeds to ask me if I've tried all the tricks in the book. Sway? Pat? Bounce on exercise ball? Walk around (yes, though this is dangerous when sleep deprived I tell you, one trips over her own feet)? The Wrap? No, actually, though I have worn her in the wrap nearly everyday since she's been born, I had not thought of the wrap. Sure enough, she falls asleep in it, so I lay on my back( Have I said yet that I am a stomach sleeper, and cannot sleep on my back?) on the couch. I'm very uncomfortable, but the silence is better than the hysteria of 5 minutes ago, so I turn the food network on and proceed to watch some shows.

I must have fallen asleep for no more than 20 minutes when I hear the front door open. At first I thought it was Rich, who had offered to come home more than once as I calmly (choking down tears and trying to act brave) asked for his advice on how to quiet our crying (hysterically) baby an hour and a half earlier. Then I hear the familiar, " Hellooo?" of our 15 year old who is supposed to be at her Moms. She proceeds to say she wasn't sure whether we'd be asleep, but she was here to get her school stuff and fundraiser things. ( word of advice, if you think a mom (okay, THIS Mom) to a newborn is asleep, please don't show up unexpected, wait until your sure they are already awake! She then leaves. As I continue to try to get comfortable, with an infant head under my chin, and a wrap knot in my back, contemplating how awful the pizzas Emeril is making look, my 5 year old wakes up. sleep for the weary. Within the hour Rich arrives to the rescue. I then lose it, the tears start to flow and I look like a crazy lady. I feel like a two year old having a tantrum, except my tantrum is for sleep. After supper, I feel so much better. Hmmm...maybe I need to make sure I get more protein and caffeine in my diet. After Bible study, and some fellowship I feel so much better, but we still stop at Dunkin's for a donut...nothing like a little comfort food. Home and bed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I thought I had ripped them all up....

Boy did that make me ANGRY! I've been homeschooling Simeon this year and we have been doing really well. Though of kindergarten age, he's working at an end of K, beginning of grade 1 level. As I pulled out a teeny worksheet for the letter Dd, he said," I thought I had ripped them all up!" When asked if he ripped them on purpose, his answer was, " Yes, so I wouldn't have so much work to do." Grrrr...Hiss...make my blood boil and curdle.I can't believe him! Needless to say there was a consequence. What am I to do with that boy?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So yesterday went well, though I never did get back on to update. My day flew by, but I got a ton accomplished. In the evening, Rich had a men's meeting at church, and I had two friends over for supper and cooked! It was a little tricky trying to get Sim to bed early (since he skipped nap) and balancing Naomi, but overall, it went great!

Tomorrow Sim starts gymnastics lessons and is really looking forward to that. It should be fun! The poor little guy was disappointed when we signed him up, he thought the classes were EVERYDAY, and was bummed that they are only on Wednesdays. He continues to be a great big brother, and loves to hold Naomi. He is also very helpful with bath time as well diaper changes. He's just a great help!

Naomi is doing well and was 7lbs even. She is only at the 5th percentile, but is growing well and following a great growth curve, the Dr. is happy. Today was the first time I put on a newborn outfit that actually fit. Funny since she is already a little over a month old. I'm about ready to put away most of her preemie outfits. There are a couple that will still fit, but the others are too short for her. We are starting to get into a good groove and I'm able more and more to read her cues and cries. One thing I've noticed is if she spends too much time being held by others, she gets really fussy. A friend of mine used overstimulated, and I think that captures her state to a t. She still loves my moby wrap knockoff, and is asleep in it now as I type. She is also loving the swing and if she's in the mood, enjoys the bouncy seat with the vibration on. She is such a little joy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Flying Solo

Well, Rich is back to work today and I am alone with both kids for the first time. So far so good. I've spent time with God, I've done my suchercharged sculpting exercise tape, started the dishes, tidied up the living room and umm...had breakfast. Will see what the rest of the day brings! I don't know who is having a harder time with Rich going back to work. Me or him? In some ways I'm looking forward to developping a routine, and I know he is missing being with us every waking moment.

Naomi goes to the dr's this afternoon,I'm dreading the shots she needs to have but am looking forward to seeing how much she's grown in the past two weeks! I'll try to post a better update WITH pictures later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mom to Mom

The first session for me of my Mom's group was today, and what a joy it was. There is nothing like getting together with other Moms and being real and transparent. There are 70 women total that have signed up, but we are split in groups of 7 or so. We are doing the Mom to Mom curriculum found at Anyway, today, the video discussed who we are supposed to be as Moms and addressed the myths women believe about being a mother. Here are the two that I found I struggle with:

"Super Mom": Since you are "not working," you can at least "do it all" on the home front.

"Performance Pit": What you do determines who you are.

I often think I should be able to do it all, cook, clean, homeschool and take care of the baby without help. Afterall, Rich goes to work, right? Then, not only do I have to do it all, but I have to do it well, and my kids have to perform well. I realize I put so much pressure on myself. Now I've been aware of both of these myths in my life for quite some time, but there's nothing like a refresher to really hit the nail on the head. Since coming home with Naomi, I've been struggling with the Performance Pit and the Super Mom syndrome. I have been putting alot of pressure on myself and expecting alot out of Rich and not giving either one of us any grace. I know I'm struggling with this, but seemed to be in a pit, in need of perspective. It really hit home and I loved when the speaker Linda Anderson said,
"Parenting is rooted in God's grace, not our perfection."

Really truly I knew that, but I needed to hear it. I guess I really needed to hear it, cause later, in a devotional I did ( God's Purpose for Every Woman by Lysa TerKeurst and Rachel Olsen)I read:

"The Bible advises against performance-based love, and advocates grace-based love instead. Proverbs 19:11 explains we should be slow to anger and quick to forgive. The Message puts it this way: "Smart people know how to hold their tongue; their grandeur is to forgive and forget." We're also advised to stop mulling over our grievances. First Corinthians 13 explains that a loving person is not irritable or demanding...

Dear Lord, I need help moving from an attitude of performance-based love to a grace-based perspective."

So what myths are you struggling with? Please share, we can strive to be better moms together!