Thursday, October 9, 2008

I thought I had ripped them all up....

Boy did that make me ANGRY! I've been homeschooling Simeon this year and we have been doing really well. Though of kindergarten age, he's working at an end of K, beginning of grade 1 level. As I pulled out a teeny worksheet for the letter Dd, he said," I thought I had ripped them all up!" When asked if he ripped them on purpose, his answer was, " Yes, so I wouldn't have so much work to do." Grrrr...Hiss...make my blood boil and curdle.I can't believe him! Needless to say there was a consequence. What am I to do with that boy?


Ginger said...

Sometimes they are just too smart and just not smart enough to make us momma's crazy and angry.
Hugs to you, Jessie!
Ginger (HP/PAI)

Melody said...

Sounds like something my S would say. {{{hugs}}} to you, Mama!