Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I've Been Up to!

I've been busy... So many projects to do with the holidays coming. I've crocheted a jumper for Naomi, I now just need to find a matching shirt. I've sewed her a jumper, I'll try to take pictures of her in her dress tomorrow before church, and I've made some Thanksgiving art...Every day has a pocket that we fill with an index card on which we write what we are thankful for. We've done variations of this before, but I'll be able to take this piece out year after year and reread what others have written. Naomi's "translated" skribbles...Simeon's 8 year old writing...what Rich and I hold dear. It's nice to give thanks as a family. I've also made a couple of pairs of slippers, but I decided to take pictures too late tonight, and they really look much nicer on the "models". Will try to post more pics tomorrow.