Monday, October 19, 2009

Mystic Aquarium

Rich had a business trip to Mystic, Connecticut, and the kids and I were able to go along. The hotel was right across from the aquarium, so it was really convenient. The kids loved the animals. I think the belugas were our favorite. We got to watch them be trained and fed. We also got to watch a couple of sea lion shows, as well as pet some sting rays, and play with some crabs. Simeon now knows how to tell a male and female crab apart, as well as how to tell from the penguins beads whether they are male or female and what their "name" is. Bedtime was a nightmare, and so we decided to roll with the punches and party. We ordered UP from the hotel tv and shared chocolate cake in bed. It was a great time. You know, one of those times when its exactly how you thought motherhood would be.

School Projects from a few weeks ago.

burden baskets, canoes, birch bark box, a basket, Spanish dubloons, and a parfleche.