Monday, October 27, 2008

Pics of my blessings!

Naomi has been holding her head up more and more, so I decided to try her in the bumbo, doesn't she look ADORABLE? I know she looks so tiny to so many of you, and I realize she really is small for a 7 week old, but she seems HUGE to me. It doesn't seem possible that she will be two months old on Friday!

We really enjoy bath time. At first we used a hammock in the bath, and she would fuss and fuss. Now that we put her directly into the bath, she loves it. I was a little disappointed that I didn't capture the HUGE smiles she was giving Rich during this bath time. I grabbed the camera too late.

Simeon is a great big brother. He loves to hold Naomi, even when she is fussing. It's so funny, if she's crying and he's holding her, he starts to sing, and sure enough, she settles down. This is a picture of simeon singing to her. I love how she's looking right at him. This is typical of these two. They love each other SOOO much! I am truly blessed!


Kelly said...

She's beautiful and way, way too big! Why can't they stay tiny forever???

Michele said...

I love that last picture - just look at how she looks at her brother - precious!

sheridan said...

Your Naomi is so beautiful. I showed dh her pictures and my Naomi came over and asked how she was so dark in the pictures. I laughed and told her it was another Naomi.

Tracie said...

Hey Jessie~ What incredible pictures! I can't believe that she has grown so much. Great blog too. You guys look like you are doing well and are abundantly blessed! Things are fine down here in AR with us. The girls are growing like crazy...Aubrie started walking over the weekend. It's awesome. BTW...I loved your post about getting puked does really make you feel like a mommy. Drop me a line on my blog sometime. Hugs to you and yours~ Tracie in Little Rock

Dianne said...

Oh Jessie,
Such great pictures!!! I can't believe she is 7 weeks old already. And that last picture with the way she is looking at Simeon, so sweet.