Saturday, November 1, 2008

Videos For Home


Qtipper said...

Kaden said "WOW! She's growin'!" Elaina said "It's baby Yay-omi and Miss Dessie!"

She HAS grown and she is developing such a personality! WOW - it doesn't seem like you've been gone so long - but you HAVE!

Oh, and incidentally Liz' sister-in-law LOVE, LOVE, LOVES the wrap! And everyone asks her about it!! You are starting a revolution my friend.

Miss you~

Judi said...

We have had to watch the video of Simeon over and over again! At first Joey thought that Sim was talking to him directly and then I had to explain it was a video. We should really try to set up a video chat. i just got skype.

I think Naomi has grown in the week since we've seen her. She is so beautiful!!

Melissa Winchell said...

I'm so glad you posted to my blog! I had no idea you were even still reading it!!! :) I'm so happy to hear from you! CONGRATULATIONS! She is gorgeous, and Simeon is HUGE and looks absolutely happy and healthy. What a miracle--so many miracles! I've been quite taken with a doctoral program I'm in now, but we think of you often, and when I do, I pray for I will know to add Naomi to our prayers. Love to you all! Melissa W