Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So yesterday went well, though I never did get back on to update. My day flew by, but I got a ton accomplished. In the evening, Rich had a men's meeting at church, and I had two friends over for supper and cooked! It was a little tricky trying to get Sim to bed early (since he skipped nap) and balancing Naomi, but overall, it went great!

Tomorrow Sim starts gymnastics lessons and is really looking forward to that. It should be fun! The poor little guy was disappointed when we signed him up, he thought the classes were EVERYDAY, and was bummed that they are only on Wednesdays. He continues to be a great big brother, and loves to hold Naomi. He is also very helpful with bath time as well diaper changes. He's just a great help!

Naomi is doing well and was 7lbs even. She is only at the 5th percentile, but is growing well and following a great growth curve, the Dr. is happy. Today was the first time I put on a newborn outfit that actually fit. Funny since she is already a little over a month old. I'm about ready to put away most of her preemie outfits. There are a couple that will still fit, but the others are too short for her. We are starting to get into a good groove and I'm able more and more to read her cues and cries. One thing I've noticed is if she spends too much time being held by others, she gets really fussy. A friend of mine used overstimulated, and I think that captures her state to a t. She still loves my moby wrap knockoff, and is asleep in it now as I type. She is also loving the swing and if she's in the mood, enjoys the bouncy seat with the vibration on. She is such a little joy.


Edan said...

Such sweet pictures. I have to say the one with Simeon and Naomi was my favorite, though. Glad y'all are getting into a groove.

sheridan said...

She sounds like such a sweet little one.

And I love the name Naomi. (I've got one myself!)

♪♫ Mac ♪♫ said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful little one! As are the other two! :)


Qtipper said...

Oh, my friend,
I wish I could have been at your supper date! It would have been so much fun!! Too bad we a hundreds of miles apart, huh? Naomi has grown. Naturally, since you see her daily, you won't see it, but she is GIGANTIC! Okay, that might be a little exaggerated, but she HAS grown. I miss you very much. Hearing your voice on my voicemail made me smile out loud. I am praying for you right now.


Joanne Dero is a visual artist from St. Therese, Quebec. said...

The photos are precious honey, but how about posting some on facebook so I can print them. lol now I'm like a broken record. Love you, Mom xxx

Kelly said...

The picture of Sim and Naomi is so precious. He's a very proud big brother. It sounds like you are all doing great, Jessie!