Friday, August 15, 2008

Fast and Slow

I was talking to N yesterday, and she was saying how little time there is to her pregnancy. TRUE! She also mentionned how quickly time is passing. doesn't feel that way to me. In some respects, time is flying by, and yet, at the other end of the spectrum, it feels as if Naomi's birth will never come. While we have a due date, N could very well go late. I'm just so ready to have this little miracle be here. So ready to see her. The unknowns are just so hard for me.

While I wait I've cleaned and decluttered my living room, bedroom, kitchen...I've cleaned the plethora of baby gear we've been given, set up the crib...ummm washed all the baby clothes. I've basically kept really busy. The problem, I'm quickly running out of projects! Ugh! Need to find stuff to do to quiet my mind...Now if only Rich would chop more wood, I could pile that to get both exercise and keep my mind busy.

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