Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cloth Diapers

Melody asked me to write more about the cloth diapers I made. I don't know how much I can add, since I went to her blog to find the info...but is what I did.

I made 18 Rita's Rump pockets. I used fleece (alpine and blizzard fleece, when onsale at Joann's, as well as some remnants from some diapers I had sewn for a friend) for the outside, and flannel (good quality flannel found onsale at Joann's) for the inside. For the absorbant part of the pocket diaper, I used a mid quality facecloth, folded into thirds and a layer of flannel on top and a layer of fleece on the bottom. I did not use hook and loop fabric, nor snaps, my plan is to use good old diaper pins. The only problem with these, is that I misread, and did not cut them out with the seam allowance. I'm thinking they are smaller than they are supposed to be, but should work for a while.

I then made 21 flannel prefolds. Once again, the flannel I found on sale. These were easy to make, and I'm hoping that I will like these most. I don't have a cover for them. I'm thinking of using the shell of my pocket diapers for a cover. We'll see how that goes. I'm trying to save as much money as possible, as $$$ is tight.

If I have to redo if I really like the pockets, but they are too small, I'm thinking I would wash the fleece with a waterproofing agent before cutting and sewing, this would ensure that they really do keep baby dry.

We'll see how this all works out. Rich is a little leery of using cloth, but likes the thought of the savings. I'm debating whether I will buy the diaper sprayer for the toilet, or just go with diaper liners....I think what bothers Rich most about cloth is the poop, so liners appeal to him. If I could find them close by it wouldn't be so bad, but the shipping from the stores online has been atrocious, so we'll see!

Finally, I'd post pictures, but my camera died, and we've had no money to buy a new camera. When I finally have pictures of my stash, I'll post them.


Kelly said...

I am impressed! I know nothing about cloth diapers, but it sounds like you are ready to go.

About that camera - get that replaced ASAP. We all want pictures of Miss Naomi as soon as she makes her appearance.

Melody said...

Thanks, Jessie!
I understand about the camera. We finally just replaced ours - when I got an order big enough to pay for one. Otherwise I'd still be waiting for a new one myself.
One thing I've done to waterproof my diapers is to add a non-absorbent layer. That just so happened to be an old waterproof crib sheet - the ones with two layers of fleece-like stuff on either side of plastic. I cut those to be slightly larger than the trifolded facecloth (which we also use). Then when stuffing the diapers, I use a washcloth layer and a waterproof layer.

The RRP diapers are pretty bulky for a newborn. Yours might fit, being smaller, but I'm thinking they'll still be a bit big. Our C didn't fit into the RRP until he was around 10-12 pounds. Even now at 16 pounds, I still have to fold down the top sometimes to fit. I don't fold them if there's more layers inside (nighttime) though.

Another thing about the fleece is that it will wick if compressed hard enough or long enough. Like car trips - but we found that one out the hard way. But the crib liner works well for that.

Better close before this becomes a novel. I'll try to get a diaper post up on my blog in the next couple days - with pictures. Maybe it'll help - and if nothing else - at least reading it will give you something else to do while you wait!

Julie D said...

Thanks for stopping by! I thought of you as I was writing my blog post. I knew you'd understand!