Sunday, June 8, 2008

My garden

I've enjoyed checking out my garden over the past few days. Our tomato plants are finally starting to grow, thanks to this long awaited heat wave. My lettuce is doing well, and I can't wait for a fresh salad, once my teeth are fully recovered.My flowers are doing nicely as well. I am so excited, I noticed a bud on my miniature yellow rose bush this afternoon. I'll be checking it every couple of days. I LOVE yellow roses.

I've also discovered some pests. I have some of those BLASTED aphids on my bleeding hearts as well as my butterfly bush and my climbing rose bush. I took care of those with some murphy's soap oil mixed with water. I was glad to see a bunch of spider's by all of those plants though. Eat up spider's, let's get rid of those nasty critter's together.

My delphiniums have been struggling. Something is clipping the leaves, and leaving simply the stems. No one really knows what could be doing it, but anyway. Of my 6 plants, I only had 3 that were looking good. I'm glad to share however, that the other three have more stems and leaves coming. I must look like a real goof talking to my plants...grow little flower, grow, grow!

Alas, I'm hoping for lots of flowers to admire in both the garden, and in a vase on my kitchen table! I LOVE flowers!

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