Sunday, June 29, 2008

Divine Appointments

It has been a long time, okay, a VERY long time, since I have felt like I connected with friends in my here and now life. Often, I share my passion about the world's orphans, my desire to do more, my sense of injustice at the poverty in this world...I want to do something about it...well...for the most part, people kind of smile and nod, and then turn the other way. There is nothing wrong with them, and there is nothing wrong with me...God has just given us a different perspective/mission/passion, about who we are and what we are supposed to do in this world.
Friday morning, I had two women that I met this year in my Mom's group at church over. We are doing a weekly Biblestudy over the summer. Well, it was just wonderful. God has placed me with two women who get what I'm talking about. Who have similar passions, and who are committed to praying and encouraging, challenging and just exploring these issues together. I am SO thankful for them. I am looking forward to seeing where God leads us, and am just overwhelmed with God's faithfulness, as I take steps out of my comfort zone.

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