Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've Been wanting...

to blog, but about what. I was telling a friend yesterday that my news isn't the happiest news around. Between getting my wisdom teeth out, dealing with a full blown outbreak of ezcema, dry socket and now a nasty cold, this would sound more like whinefest 2008 than a blog post. So this morning, as I was wondering what I could possibly blog about, I thought of the blessings amidst the rough times this week:

  • A husband who loves me and is concerned for my wellbeing, he ran out for ice cream when I had first had my teeth out, and hasn't complained that I'm not keeping up with meals or the house.
  • My five year old will actually let me take a nap while he watches a movie in the afternoon, and if he MUST get my attention, he wakes me up with soft kisses and whisperings.
  • My flowers are starting to open up, I have the prettiest yellow rose bud that is starting to open, everyday has been exciting, as I watch its progress...I have some baby blue eyes that have opened, they are the daintiest blue flowers, as well as some annual babies breath, which reminds me of what I think a baby star must look like.
  • One of my tomato plants actually has a flower, and I just cut back a bumper crop of fresh lettuce. Looking forward to eating some homegrown lettuce.
  • I have a God who loves me for who I am, and not what I am, and when I am disappointed in myself, cause I don't measure up to my own standards, I am reminded that my identity is not in even my own image of myself, but in him, I am daughter of God most high, and he loved me so much that he died on the cross for me, and rose again on the third day. I am not simply loved, but am dearly loved. What a comforting and encouraging thought.
  • My five year old caused me to smile, when he showed me that I do in fact have some influence on his language. I hear the New England/Boston accent in him a lot lately, but yesterday, he used "eh" like a good Canadian would!

So, amidst the frustrating moments in the past two weeks, I have been blessed by the small pleasures in life!

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Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing your blessings! :-)