Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Saturday was Naomi's 1st birthday! I can't believe how quickly a year has gone by. It seems impossible for my baby to be one already. We had a great birthday party with family. It was really laid back, and the birthday girl enjoyed eating her cake and playing with her new toys. Thank you to all who spoiled her. She will be styling in all the new clothes she got.

Naomi at one is one little spunk ball. She definitely has personality.She makes her likes known with laughter and smiles, sometimes laughing and giggling so much that she is gulping for air, while when she is discontent, you can hear screeches and fussing. She has mastered "the stare", and if she doesn't know you, she lets you know that she is checking you out and trying to judge your character.

Some of her favorite things are Simeon, ( he can always get her to laugh) swinging in her new swing, (thanks Nana) and her blankie. That child LOVES her blankie.

She is now over 20 lbs and loving her New Britax Boulevard. She is still rear facing for now,but she loves to sit in it and just relax. I wish my seat in the car was so plush and comfy. She looks like she's sitting in a recliner. It's so funny to me to see how far she's come. She was discharged from the hospital, needing to use a car bed, because she was so small and wouldn't pass the carseat test, and yet, she has caught up to her peers and is in a big girl carseat now! AMAZING!

For the longest time Naomi only had her bottom central incisors. In the past week, her top two central incisors have cut through and the bottom lateral incisor on the left is getting ready to cut through. She has been a wee bit cranky, but has also spent more time sleeping, which is fine. She's going to be really cute with her new pearly whites!

Finally I'll end with a picture for comparison. At Becky's last year, we took a picture of Naomi with a Bitty baby so you all could see how small she was. Here is the original post with that picture! You'll see in the pictures above, just how much she's grown in a year! If you cut and paste this address into your browser, , you will see the original picture of Naomi and the bitty baby doll.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Mommy and Daddy love you and are so proud of you! God has blessed us with your presence! You are one of His good and perfect gifts!

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Jon & Jolene said...

Hey Jessie,
Happy Birthday to Naomi! Wow I can't believe it. I can remember praying for you when you were in Arkansas. God is so good when I just see all the growth she has made! So pround of you all!