Friday, September 4, 2009

First day of school!

This picture was after I asked Simeon to go brush his teeth before starting school. After getting Naomi dressed, I went to check on Simeon and the picture is what I found. His explanation: I need to shave before school. I don't think he would have gone so far as to use a real razor, ( since he has a plastic one)but I can't be sure and I'm glad that I walked in when I did!

Monday was the first day of our homeschool year. Simeon is in first grade. I was really a little nervous about it. Last year was a real struggle to get him to do the work some days, and all summer he talked about not liking school . I prayed about it and just got ready for a struggle, but much to my surprise there wasn't any. I was greeted by Simeon coming to my bedroom early Monday morning, telling me how excited he was to start! Yeah for having a good attitude!

This year we are studying the "Cowboy and Indian" era of American history. We have made a diorama, 3d map and played a Native American children's game. I think we are both enjoying the projects. We are also doing a science journal this year, following a formal art curriculum, and beginning our French curriculum. Our days are definitely full, though school only usually takes up about 1/2 a day. As for sports, Simeon is taking Saturday soccer, will be starting a boys dance class which includes tap, hip hop and jazz and will probably be doing gymnastics at the recreation center in town. Nothing like keeping busy!

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Ginger said...

That boy is just too cute!