Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Break Me Outta Here!

I love going to get Naomi after a nap! She is just so sweet and talkative. On this day, she was dangling her legs through the bar, chattering away. I wish I had captured the smile of when I first walked in the room! I love my little princess!

In other news, we had her one year appointment at the dr's. Apart from the shots she needed, everything is going well. She has quadrupled her weight already, can you believe that? She is 25% for head circumference and weight, and has shot up to the 50th percentile for height.

As we were telling the dr. what Naomi is up to lately, she confirmed my "fears", I am in real trouble when it comes to this kid! Naomi is learning very quickly, and definitely reaching developmental milestones which are beyond her brief 12 months. She is advanced. She's a smart little cookie, who likes to climb, and communicate. She loves books and will go to them when you prompt her. She still loves sucking her fingers and snuggling her blanket.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of Naomi!

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