Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home at Last!

Well, we have been busy since arriving at home. Naomi did great on the flights and slept most of the time. Not a peep from her, which was great...I was so worried about her little ears during take off and landing, but neither seemed to phase her.

Things have been so hectic, I feel a little like I have been thrown to the beasts...Simeon and Trisha were both glad to see me after 2 weeks away, and totally excited to meet Naomi. Sunday we went to church. Oh my word, I thought we would never get out of there. It seems like we were stopped by everyone and their mother, on the way out. It was actually quite comical, and yet, such a blessing. Monday, we went to the pediatrician's. My little peanut is doing quite well growing. She was 5lbs 9oz already. She seems so big to me after getting her at 4.5 lbs...but then reality hits, she is still smaller than most newborns. We are dealing with a little bit of thrush...supposedly common with babies...

Tuesday, we took it easy and stayed home most of the day. Wait, we did adventure out to go grocery shopping. I also went for a nice long walk with Naomi in the wrap. I heart my stretchy wrap, as do most people I meet! I have showed/explained to so many different people about the wrap. It's great!

Today, we went apple picking this morning. Naomi slept through the whole thing, and Simeon expent some of his seemingly boundless energy. He is doing well adjusting to life with mom and baby. Our biggest struggle is keepingn him from smothering Naomi with love and kisses. Reminding him to wash his hands before touching her hands or face. He is a great helper. He has also been gung ho about homeschooling. I'm piece mealing my curriculum. Handwriting without tears for writing, Hooked on Phonics for reading, Math U See for math, and for science we are learning about different types of living beings ( ie mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and insects).

Trisha is doing well. She loves Naomi and gets teary when she holds her. School is keeping her busy. She is getting involved with the drama club and getting ready for haunted hotel and the storybook character hayride. She is also considering trying out for the school play. Busy Busy I tell you.

Rich and I...well, we are getting used to interrupted sleep. We celebrated our 8 year anniversary on Monday. We are enjoying parenting our three very different children...15, 5 and newborn...nothing like experiencing all ages.

Okay, here's a picture, cause I know that's what you all want!


Ginger said...

Beautiful picture of a beautiful family! So glad you are home!

sheridan said...

How wonderful to be home! What a beautiful picture of your family too!

Edan said...

I've been wondering how y'all were doing. SO glad to hear an update and see a picture. Oh, those first weeks are so tiring and sweet.

Qtipper said...

Praise GOD! You all look amazing! And I cannot even fathom how much Naomi is GROWING!! 5+ pounds - yowser.

How are the nights going?

Wow...I really MISS you guys. Oh, I have a funny story. I went to co-op this week and Kaden's teacher said "CONGRATULATIONS, I heard you were expecting!" And I looked at her like she had three heads and said "What?! Who told you that?" She went on to explain that Kaden had told them they were going to have a new baby sister. I realized he thought Naomi was HIS little sister. sweet. So, we had a long talk on the way home. Poor lil' fella was a lil' bit sad. But, also very excited for Sim - LOL!

Miiiiiiisssssss You~

Julie D said...

So great to see an update! Glad things are settling in to your new "normal". ;)

♪♫ Mac ♪♫ said...

Oh Jess! I'm so very excited and happy for you and your family! I was talking with Jen on Saturday and she told me your newest little miracle girl was here!! I'm so excited and happy for you, and praising Jesus for these 3 blessed children who have you as parents!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!

Love Talley

Michele said...

Welcome Home Jessie and Naomi! So happy you are all together again!