Monday, July 14, 2008

It's been a while...

Well, things got busy with company and then recuperating from being so busy, and that has brought me to today. I've been meaning to blog for the past week or so, so many thoughts going through my mind, and yet, I can't seem to find the words to express them clearly.

God has been so good to me. I've been wanting some fresh herbs lately, but I can't stand the thought of paying for them at the grocery store, and we haven't really had the money for me to go out and buy some. Today, we had some friends come over and she brought me some excess herbs from her garden, and a couple of plants for me to plant. It's so exciting! Thank you Jesus for providing in such a simple way. Honnestly, I really felt like it was God, I even looked for cilantro at the grocery store this weekend, and they didn't have any.

I've been thinking a lot about friends, relationships and the like. God has been convicting me of not making a point of keeping in touch with people. I mean, I think of people, I think of calling them or e-mailing them, but rarely do I execute my thoughts or good intentions. It made me wonder if people really know just how much I cherish or think about them. Do they know how much I value them?

Today I made it my mission to e-mail, PM/IM, or call people who I have been thinking about. It felt really good. Later that day I read this in a devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries, Written by Glynnis Whitwer:

" Unhurried women think about how to show love to others - whether it's picking out the right gift, a hand-written note of encouragement, or a phone call. Hurried women wish they had picked out the right gift, written a note, or made that phone call.
Although Jesus was busy, the Bible never mentions Him being in a hurry. Others around Jesus tried to hurry Him up, but Jesus refused to be rushed. He always made time to hold a child, touch a sick man or talk to a woman whose wrong choices ostracized her from others. Jesus could have hurried – He had more to accomplish in three years than we can imagine accomplishing in a lifetime. But He chose to put people over His schedule."

So, I am going to strive to put my thoughts to action, let people know how much I care, and keep in touch. Strive, and try being the operative words.

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Kelly said...

Jessie, just want you to know I miss "seeing" you around!