Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Week

Ooof! What a busy week awaits us. It's a little overwhelming and quite a bit anxiety inducing. I know that I can do all things through Christ, but I seem to be having a powerstruggle with laying these anxieties at his feet. I lay them at the foot of his throne, then a few minutes/hours later I pick it up again. Okay, so here goes:

Today is Simeon's birthday. I made him a GREAT Larry Boy cake yesterday. I am hoping to get a picture of both cake and birthday boy...but our camera isn't working, so it will have to wait. We are supposed to go to the Amusement park this afternoon, but they are announcing thundershowers this afternoon. Hard to believe considering the sun is shining so beautifully. We'll see once we're closer to lunch time. Our backup plan is to go see Prince Caspian, which he's been begging to go see. Finally, we'll have cake and gifts with Nana and Grandpa late this afternoon.

Monday, we have our usual Biblestudy. Tuesday we have Trisha's chorus concert. Thursday we have an infant and child CPR class we need to take for our adoption. Friday I go to have my wisdom teeth out. Just typing Friday's "chore" makes my heart do flipflops. I'm thankful for a dentist who will put me out completely so I won't hear or remember the actual process of having my wisdom teeth out. BUT I am terrified of feeling groggy and out of control after I wake up, and dread the pain. I also don't like the thought of taking a narcotic pain reliever.Oie...I can do all things through Christ. Needless to say, if you can keep me in prayer, I would very much appreciate it!

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