Monday, April 14, 2008

Running Partner?

Well, the winter has been long and hard and I'm up 20 pounds. ICK! I've been itching to run, but haven't gone. I found all kinds of excuses...its too dark in the morning, we have commitments in the afternoon, Simeon is getting to be too big for the stroller and complains the whole time he's in it.
On Friday, Sim and I went for a walk and I talked to him about running. Well, jogging...he seemed interested, so we tried it this morning. We are taking it slow and working our way up to one half hour. I'm using a 10 week schedule that builds up running time. I probably could hop right back into running, BUT Sim is asthmatic, and I want him to build some lung endurance.

Today we walk/jogged. It was SO FUN! He wanted to run a little bit extra at times, and did really well. I think we'll stick to the schedule. He didn't get too wheezy on me, and if we keep it up, he'll be running longer periods of time. Yeah for my son as a running partner.

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