Saturday, April 12, 2008


I have struggled individually and Rich and I have struggled as a couple with making friends. We have lots of acquaintances, but deeper friendships just don't come as easily. It wasn't from the lack of trying...we invited people over, attempted to get to know just didn't seem to work. I think that struggling through Infertility as well a few other issues, caused me in particular to isolate myself.

I have been convicted for the past few months to break out of my cocoon. I have made a point of being more transparent myself, and in trying to invest myself in others. I have extended invitations, without expecting to be invited in return. Most importantly, I have gone to God in prayer, asking him to bless us with friends. Real friends. I am now seeing God andswer, and I am so excited, I/we actually have friends. Friends with whom we can make spontaneous plans. Friends with whom we can have conversations and share our joys as well as our struggles.

Praise God for friends!

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