Saturday, February 16, 2008


So often I set myself up. I am so rigid, and while I work on loosening up and relaxing, I struggle with the reality of it. Valentine's Day. I had this great day planned. Trish has been asking for my iced cinnamon rolls for weeks. I made some earlier in the week, and froze them. I thought I'd surprise her on Valentine's Day with cinnamon buns for breakfast...she walked past the table and never even realized they were there. I thought I'd make heart shaped pizzas for dessert....because of the chaos going on and plans being changed...that fell through as well. I get so disppointed when these things happen, yet are they truly important? A few days out, the important thing is that I got to spend time with my family. Relationships over things/agendas/plans...when do you think I'll learn my lesson? I did however get to make the kids and Rich giant Valentines. The doors were covered with butcher paper and decorated. Their favorite candy bars were stuck to the valentines...snack size of course...the day wasn't a bust...just not the same as the perfect world in my head!

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