Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm back!

I hope...I've had a few post ideas float through my mind, but then I get busy and don't type them out. So, I'm going to try to put blogging on my todo list and see if that helps. It has helped me be so much more fruitful and productive during my days as of late.

What have I been up to? Gardening and baking. Spring has brought with it lots of fun in the garden. My bleeding hearts are blooming. I have the prettiest little blue flowers in my shady garden. My wild rose bush is finally looking healthy after being moved two years in a row. My neighbor gave me some hostas to plant, they were a BEAR to split, but are thriving in all 3 places I planted them. I also was given some daylilies that also took right to their new home. My delphiniums, lavendar and another perennial that I forget the name have survived the winter and are looking like they are coming back to life! I LOVE gardening. Today, I plan on getting some Jacob's ladder from another neighbor and maybe starting the new plot for our vegetable garden. It's amazing how much my gardens have grown in the past 2-3 years. I never thought I would enjoy gardening the way I do. I'm hoping to get some sweetpeas to grow for me this year.

As for baking. Well, in an attempt to regain my health and good habits, Rich bought me a whole wheat bread baking book. So far I have made 2 of the recipes and we have been pleased. I have a recipe for making my own sourdough starter, I just don't feel like I'm in the right frame of mind yet to try it. In the days to come. I have all the ingredients, I just need to decided THE DAY! You know, I've realized just what an art and science breadmaking is and I love that. While yes, it nourishes both my family and me, it allows me to use my brain in ways a little more advanced that kindergarten science and math. LOL

I've also been on a recent sewing kick! I've made both Simeon and I mei tai carriers. As well as a soft crib sheet for Naomi. I'm also planning on hopefully making her a couple of pillow case dresses, and Simeon a superhero cape and a couple of masks. When? I'm not sure with all the gardening and weeding I have to do, but hopefully in time for his 6th birthday at the end of the month.

I guess I'll end here. The sun is shining after a couple of days of rain, I want to get school and chores done ASAP so that I can go and play in the dirt!

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Kelly said...

Loved reading your update. I've been digging in the dirt lately too and love it. Don't be a stranger to your blog!!!!