Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back on the Bandwagon?

So last year I was doing really well eating healthy and exercising. I was working with a personal trainer, and really toning up and losing weight. Life got busy, money got tight, and my resolve weakened.
Part of the problem is I'm a perfectionist. I struggle with finding balance, because, well I want to do everything perfectly. If I focus on cleaning the house, then exercise suffers, if I focus on exercise, then the house suffers, and cause I'm so fixated on my goals, my family suffers...
Yesterday I was praying about it. I realized that I need to do things in moderation. I know, its not this grand revelation, but its something that I need to constantly be reminded of. So, I might not be able to walk 7 miles a day, AND do strength training and stretching...But I can do 30 minutes of either, everyday, still be fit, and yet still get all my house and family obligations done.
So 30 minutes a day it is. So far, I've done it today. Way to go me! Let's see what tomorrow brings!


Michele said...

Jessie!! I didn't know you had a blog! Looking forward to reading about your adventures :)

Julie D said...

You can do it Jessie! Love you sis!